BHW then BHW International, more than 35 years of experience in the manufacturing of machines for the packaging and recognized among others for the manufacturing and the sale of the famous press ONIX, strong and evolutionary. xPress of cut with cylinders among which more than 181 units were sold all around the world, to India for example, confirm an important know-how in this choir of job which is the cut of plates, blister packs, foam technical, automobile or aeronautical technical rooms for example.

Did you know ?

With this type of machines, it’s possible to cut some corrugated cardboard to shape it. Even strong and thick densities of papers can be cut there as the corrugated cardboard triples grooves and it at a lower cost of operation. Machines can be settled in your premises in a few hours and start enough for working on this machine.

Renowned very easy to settle. They can cut also thicknesses of compact cardboard to shape it afterward. As also plates for the PLV, the alveolar plates, PP, PE, PU or PS. In fact, quite typical of quality of material in the form of plate (subject to validation and subject to thickness) as also of the hardboard, the cork, the rubber, the leather, the leatherette, the complexes of insulation or acoustics, technical joints, carpets of arrangement as for the automobile, the aeronautics, the housing environment, etc.…

But not only!

Machines ONIX Evolution are also appreciated for the cut of falls of materials as in the business sector of thermoformed plastics either for the finish of the closure of blister packs. The possibilities of use ONIX Evolution are vast and evolutionary, in an environment of very clean functioning because ONIX Evolution work at the base without hydraulic oil, so avoiding the risks of spots by flights and contaminations of the transformed products.

In fact, for thirty-five years, BHW International and Cartec have met regularly at many common customer’s. This recent absorption by Cartec had thus become inevitable, both companies being also located in the same industrial premises for several years. So, it’s going to allow to optimize the department with the customers than to realize economies for some of them, receiving regularly two independent invoices. Now, these will not have more than a single account to be managed.

The team does not change. Thanks to our customers or our prospective customers to be willing to contact Cartec.