Cartec follow you gradually in the installation of complete lines directed to the corrugated cardboard. Cartec can study your needs in new, second-hand receiver or reconditioned for nine.

All the modules forming your line can be managed and synchronized in simultaneous favor for example in our evolutionary solutions of software GESICAR dedicated to the piloting of machines as well as for the taking of information on quite different type of industrial machine. Don’t hesitate to inquire with our sales department. Our experience on the communication inter modules with software of management of production allows to open your workshops to an optimized global management.

We can begin your study of receiver from a paper then follow you by planning the realization and the installation in your factory either simply by making a delivery for level of one of your existing handling. All your parameters will be considered to make a success of the technological transformation of your factory.

Cartec is a multidisciplinary team which will follow you today and tomorrow thanks to its after-sales services and extra spare parts. The company has a means of archiving all the historical data of your lines to optimize the maintenance and the traceability.