Cartec enjoys a reputation, more than 35 years, in the office of the cut continuing, all its installed machines: machines of cut, slotters, rotary die cutter. One of the leaders of the market, the company offers them a complete range of machines of cuts among other things all kinds of forms of corrugated cardboard FEFCO: for quality mike, simple, fluting double or triple. The replacement pieces are regularly, followed and updated.

Rotary Die Cutter are solutions of machines which can work alone, coupled with a margin stop and or with a received for example. Cartec can advise you to choose what corresponds best to your needs for cut of wavy cardboard plates. For example, our technical men can demonstrate you of the necessity of working with modules equipped with engines independent and installed on lines of handling type or Slotter of 900×2000 mm to 1700×3600 mm allowing benefiting for example, technical solutions of assemblies and fast regulations.

So, manage the changes of cutting forms quickly. You can opt for an evolutionary system of compensation with variable speeds with a group of rectification, or with a system of free compensation. The world in which we live requires more and more accomplished solutions of processing for the most part of the packaging, Cartec innovates regularly to answer this requirement.


To print on some corrugated cardboard is also a know-how that equip Cartec proposes you, always by mastering well the conception and the manufacturing of these machines, by proposing for example precise solutions of wedging for an optimized printing.

Printer Flexo Cartec proposes standard openings going of 2000 to 3600 mm. Naturally, we can study, imagine and conceive your specific needs as not standard widths.

Our machines can be equipped by:

  • An electric or pneumatic system of ink supply
  • Screens with embarked electronics
  • System of locking of type MATTHEWS
  • Solutions of printing over or under
  • Ceramic contrived cylinder with room in scrape or paddling

All our machines are followed by our After-sales Service. At any time, you can order the SQP Optimum service, to optimize the Security, the Quality, the Productivity of your machines. Formations are also possible.