SQP Optimum is a effective range of services, which has for objective to make the precise analysis of the situation of a line of manufacturing or a module. The objectives can be the following ones:

  • Technical problems on machine but not visible
  • Need for formation
  • Study the performance of your tool of processing
  • Preventive maintenance and check-up
  • Organization of a moving of machines
  • Followed by a new presence of line
  • Project of renovation of machine
  • Financial study and profitability
  • Operational organization of the premises
  • Not exhaustive list

GESICAR an evolutionary software of piloting of your handling or modules is. The functions and the capacities are very vast. After Sale Service and Maintenance Cartec. For more than 35 years, we have intervened at the transformers of corrugated cardboard at the international level. It is these years of expertise that allow us to be fast and effective all over the world. Technician moves on all the continents and organize the sufficient logistics to repair or maintain the machines which are confided to us. Our technicians know how to use necessary SQP Optimum. Cartec has a way of archiving allowing keeping on several decades all the historical data of your lines to optimize the maintenance and the traceability.

Our after-sales service installed in Chasse-Sur-Rhône is capable exchanging in French, English and Spanish.

The politic of the supply of spare parts is followed and it for all the machines sold under the brand Cartec or having undergone a retrofit. For more than 35 years, company manages all the spare parts which are for the greater part in stock to intervene at your office as soon as possible. All the spare parts are carefully referenced with the engineering consulting firm to launch so necessary production and with the complicity if our very turned purchasing department towards a high-quality procurement policy, explaining the important longevity of our machines around all the world.