Created in 1982, by men of the job, sensitive among others to the demanding demands of the transformers of the corrugated cardboard. Cartec, is a french designing company, building and selling all over the world, machines dedicated for the packaging mainly. Cartec team knew how to become established gradually in the sector of the corrugated cardboard, by conceiving at the very beginning of the modules of integration then gradually knew how to move closer to them to make it successful and recognized handling. Cartec, also, knows how to join “modules Cartec” into other lines.
Very fast its first founding manager immediately imagined the creation of the engineering consulting firm Cartec, which is always oriented by the technological evolution, as by using one of the best tools of software of technical drawing dedicated among others to the automobile and to the aeronautics. The collaborators of the engineering consulting firm Cartec surrender regularly on showrooms to get innovations made accessible and applicable in the sectors of the corrugated cardboard and the papers. Cartec opts for the opening by affecting other job thanks to the famous range of machines ONIX Evolution which can be enslaved, interesting sectors of automobile, aeronautics, some plastic, housing environment, metal industry, food, communication…

The vision of the current direction wishes to pursue this extension, by bringing new technological know-how which sometimes also allow making businesses progress originally.

Cartec works on the evolutionary computing. What makes, today all the posts are equipped with PC and with Smart phones connected with a very powerful server, guaranteeing the saving.
In 2005, Cartec was resold to a new stockholder, who had the will to make progress the working tool by investing for example in the moving of factories international Cartec and BHW International towards new premises situated in Chasse-Sur-Rhône, since 2014. New industrial building of 2000 m2 renovated on 3500 m2 of ground, benefiting from very successful workshops endowed among others with the equipment of 4 decks of 5 ton lifting and a deck of 20 ton lifting, allowing treating most of the modules joined a handling. Then to be able to make them circulate in the ground thanks to the joined and dedicated rails, building endowed with two big gates to let in and go out on trays, of impressive parts, or the big machines as the wide ONIX Evolution 7.
300 m² of storage were created to maintain at measure of the customers: mechanical, electric, electronic, etc. It was a strong will of the new stockholder to serve in the best conditions our customers and create loyalty.

The workshop arranges all the tools to repair, re-package machines either to build new machines. The site is completely secured to protect the machines of the customers. Besides French, most of Cartec team speak english, which facilitates the communication and travels all over the world. 12 permanent employees going among others of the commercial to the after-sales service listen to customers, with in case of needs, temporary replacement’s referenced team, occurring in the request of Cartec to hold the rates of production.
Cartec proposes a wide range of new machines which can evolve in the future. A lot of machines are 35 years old! Many were reconditioned to embark an electronic piloting, of new mechanisms returning. So, a day of manual regulations a week can be fast won, allowing making, differently, the operational staff work.
Customers are often surprised by the new performances of their reconditioned machines which can be old of around thirty years…

To invest in evolutionary new Cartec machines  is a safe bet because all the parts are followed.

Since a few years, Cartec works with partners’ machines by proposing you an after-sales service and discount for level.
The will of the leaders is to go towards solutions more and more opened to make up the best lines of the moment, in an industrial context looking for savings, endurance, robustness, recycling and performance. The commercial team is available to come to meet you on your fabrics in France or abroad. They like inviting the customers to come to share the projects in its factory, arranging on the spot all the tools of creation and presentation. Entrust your projects to Cartec team and you will obtain solutions personalized confidently!