Beyond the use of a module or a received Cartec dedicated to corrugated cardboards mainly.

Cartec follow you in the process and/or the development of your industrial site. Our Office and Engineering Studies can advise and innovate to make a success of your peripheral project allowing to optimize the logistics of finished products.
Let us build together the necessary logistics around our new machines or reconditioned and other!

To realize your projects of investment, Cartec proposes you its powerful Office and Engineering Studies, developing under licenses of software of technical drawings recommended and reappointed in the world of the innovation. Cartec presents its projects of machines in 3D then protects the realizations from it in its workshops.
Software of drawing also allowing to optimize the presence of all your new machines in your factories.

But not only!

Peripherals are a source of innovations for Cartec engineering and studies firm. We can bring your expertise in sectors other than the world of the corrugated cardboard. Indeed, we know how to cut some leather for difference sectors: automobile or aeronautics. Our know-how extends until the cut of plastics, papers, fibers, wool of glass, metals in fine plates, carpets as for example the realization of the carpets of automobile cockpits either as the transformation of a wide variety of plates of type PU/PE’s froths, for among other sectors of packaging.

This service is also able to think and design new machine solutions with confidence to meet specific needs or new manufactured products launched on all global markets.