With the absorption of the company BHW International by Cartec, in 2017, the company knew well how to keep this technology and to develop it’s serenely with more than 181 ONIX sold in the world. The press of cut ONIX Evolution feel at ease with small productions, average and big series. The logistic environment around ONIX Evolution is strategic, our engineering consulting firm will always be very happy to follow you to find the best formulae of peripheral equipment. 35 years after the first machine broadcast all over the world, they always work and it continues! Don’t hesitate to contact us to realize tries of validation of cuts with your products.


Cartec pursues the same commercial policy as the company BHW International, always by playing the game of the quality, the robustness, the modernity for its equipment.

Tireless, ONIX Evolution became timeless. Our oldest customers often ask us to recondition their former ONIX so that they arrange last technological evolutions embarked and finalized by our engineering consulting firm, as the piloting by screen, lifting and automatic tuning of the upper roller either, put back the security level. To invest in ONIX Evolution is safe bet which will be operational quickly while being very reliable in the time thanks to their quality of very strong manufacturing. Some rooms of wears to be cyclically changed and that restarts! For service provided, ONIX Evolution are not greedy in energy and with a very simple periodic maintenance. Machines ONIX Evolution can make you return immediate and incredible departments as for example the cut of very large formats of plates. Come to try it!

  • ONIX EVOLUTION can work 24 hours a day
  • ONIX EVOLUTION refreshed of some electronics embarked with tactical screen on most of the versions.
  • ONIX EVOLUTION are used by the specialized staff
  • ONIX EVOLUTION give access to a simple and economic implementation with the use of standard cutting tools, resisting the intense pressure, protected also by a system of special in PP.
  • ONIX EVOLUTION are little expensive exploitation
  • Options possible as:
    • Automatic lifting of the upper cylinder
    • Systems of peripheral tables which can be equipped with robots
    • Security adapted to your environment of exploitation
    • Enslaved conveyors or not to load and discolor
  • 4 Bottom model : ONIX Evolution 3 – 5 – 6 – 7