Thanks to its know-how of more than 35 years with among others the formula SQP Optimum. The engineering consulting firm suggests evaluating your production tools with the aim of perfecting them by the integration of modules, embarked computing, peripherals either with specific mechanisms of assistance.

The considerable number of presence of machines in the world by Cartec, has building permit a significant number of modules of assistance, mainly in the sector of corrugated cardboard being translated by also:

  • Solutions of modules standard or adapted by type Counter-Ejector:
    • Generally adaptable solution following special / technical folders / gluers, a Staking or of a handling of opening going of 1800 to 3600 mm
    • Reception over or under
    • Electronics embarked by last generation
  • Solutions of modules standard or adapted by type Stacker CS:
    • Our solutions allow answering most of the needs to handle your finished products.
    • Endowed with an excellent reliability by presenting a compromise reflected with a maximal storage capacity, for some minimal dimensions.
    • Evolutionary by benefiting from embarked electronics
    • Planned to adapt itself easily to the machines of type semiautomatic examiner two heads, in stapler’s tow-heads and in slotters.
  • Solutions of modules standard or adapted by type Slotter:
    • Even simple or double
    • Automatic tuning by digital system on screen (GESICAR)
    • Integral in any production line for the corrugated cardboard
    • Synchronization of type “bus” with the other modules of the line
    • Automatic specificity Slotter CARTEC NL doubles wedges with reducing engines piloted by screen
  • Solutions of modules standard or adapted by type Feeder CFeed:
    • Control plate feeding cardboard in the entrance of your handling or rotary die cutter
    • New or retrofit CFeed with an opening going of 1600 to 5000 mm
    • Inhalation with pebbles of big precision
    • Safety of the operator thanks to the armored curtains