Dear all,

After few weeks holidays summer. It is with pleasure that we announce the restart of activities of our teams for the end of August month 2018.

We also wish you a great start after maybe having a great sunny holiday.

The general activity was very strong for the beginning of the year 2018. For some our customers, many machines seem to have worked intensely and some of them have suffered. Since several months, we had to treat in emergency a very large number of service interventions  help. Some could have been avoided. We also see strong demands for optimization of lines due to increasing production, with an increasingly demanding quality requirement. It is why we allow ourselves to remind you of our great know-how (more than 35 years) in terms of advice and expertise on “customer” sites through our SQP qualified services. For example, we can assist you to better identify demanding commercial projects through new production know-how or to help Managers to solve technical problems in their workshops or, for other example, to deal projects like the installation of new lines, the installation of news or second hand machines.

It is precisely the moment to contact us to anticipate possible failures or to anticipate improvements in production lines for this end of the year and to project you on the year 2019.

Please, with our website, contact us quickly!

See you soon

The Cartec team