On sale : MARGEUR CFeed for JURINE T245 (Second Hand)

Refurbished for CARTEC line 13.24

Subject to sale in the meantime

Available in stock and completely renovated in our CARTEC workshops


  • 1 set of 3 roller boxes suction drive
  • 2 side boxes with register
  • 1 crankshaft
  • 1 fan with silencer and dust bag
  • 1 soundproof enclosure for the fan
  • 1 backgauge in standard exchange
  • 1 new cabinet with automaton
  • Replacement of coaches in standard exchange
  • Fine adjustments of trainers and pressure reducers
  • Existing 11kW motor control for soft start
  • 1 soundproofing box
  • Monobloc frame composed of two racks plates assembled by a lower beam and a top beam
  • Safe standards
  • Standard paint color New cardboard RAL 7035 light gray